Magnolia | Romantic Classic Manor

Modern Country Manor, Saugerties NY

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In one word - Heaven.

An amazing place for connecting with nature while staying at the most elegant cozy home. There is anything you need to feel relaxed, comfortable and pampered. A big yard for yourself, a fire pit, barbecue grill you can enjoy while listening to the sound of beautiful nature. The house is fully equipped for gourmet meal preparation and a sunny place with mattresses and pillows for your yoga practice. Each room has its own unique design and vibe and you just need to decide where do you want to read your book. I suggest starting your morning with a good coffee at the beautiful front porch on one of the white reclining chairs and continue for your lunch on the back porch. Don’t miss out the fire pit! Wrap a few potatoes in foil paper throw to the fire once ready add salt and butter. As said before, heaven.