Sound View Greenport

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

58775 County Rd 48 Greenport, NY 11944

How many things can go wrong in just 36h @ Sound View Inn Greenport even if you are a returning customer?

reserved dinner at the hotel restaurant, great service but super noisy which killed the atmosphere and the food was mediocre not what we expected from a highly rated restaurant and chef, fish and chips means coated cod we got lots of coated not that much cod, went to the bar very poor selection even the barman thought that is the case... at breakfast which is minimal asked for any kind of cheese, was told that they need to get it, then that it’s expensive and they will need to charge us for it which we approved and then that they can only sell it at 11:30am… after breakfast we wanted to try the yoga class which is advertised on the flyer we received when checking in and learned that the complementary voucher won’t work and that the farm tour also advertised on that day’s activity list is closed... so we had a super great day at everywhere we went (avoiding the hotel) visiting one of the nicest region in the country and came back to find that even if you leave the maid a nice tip you don’t get the full service, no tissue no soap… by the way we spoke to the manager in the morning, nice guy which did apologize for everything but that isn’t the solution.

Bottom line if you want the best ocean view with it’s amazing sound, very nice rooms and nothing more and don’t care to spend for that a few hundred dollars a night you should go to Soundview, but if you want a great experience where what is promised is actually delivered don’t come it seems they have a real hard time to deliver, just too many things went wrong in such a short stay and this isn’t even the full list, just a sample. Leaving tomorrow will miss the view and sound of the view, not the Sound View Inn Greenport.

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Located in the heart of the beautiful Village of Greenport,